About Us

The Community Cooker is an innovative yet practical waste to energy stove that has tremendous potential for environmental, economic and social change in low resource settings around the world. Created by Kenyan architects Planning System Services,Ltd. to alleviate waste problems in Kenya, its basic principle is simple: The community collects and burns rubbish to generate low cost heat that can be used for cooking, baking, heating and boiling water.

The Community Cooker Foundation was set up with a role of improving the efficiency and design of this technology, promote its uses and educate the public regarding safe and responsible methods of incinerating rubbish for energy production in densely populated areas. The cooker has considerably improved the quality of life for slum dwellers by responsibly minimising waste, reducing emissions from cooking, providing a cheaper alternative to wood fuel and creating youth employment through its labour intensive approach. it also brings communities together, providing a hub for activity and focus.